Located 156 km (97 miles) from Mexico City, Valle de Bravo was officially designated a “Magical Town” in 2005. Named for San Francisco del Valle and General Don Nicolás Bravo and founded in 1530 by Franciscan friars, Valle de Bravo is part of a region previously inhabited by the Matlaltzinca and Mazahua cultures. Today, the municipality’s artificial reservoir, created in 1947, forms part of the Cutzamala hydraulic system, in charge of supplying potable water to the urban areas of Mexico City and Toluca.

The contrast between Valle de Bravo’s lake, as the reservoir is popularly known, and its abundant green and wooded landscapes, make it one of the most naturally scenic tourist destinations in the State of México. A favorite weekend retreat for residents of México City and Toluca, Valle de Bravo increasingly draws visitors from all over the world.

Valle de Bravo’s mild climate makes it possible to enjoy water sports throughout the year. Rent a sailboat, hop onto a ferry tour, or really dive in: Water skiing, wind surfing, and stand-up paddleboard yoga are all on offer.

Valle de Bravo hosts no fewer than three 18-hole golf courses: Avándaro, El Santuario, and Rancho Viejo. Swing away on world-class courses designed by the likes of Percy Clifford and Larry Hughes, against a backdrop of extraordinary natural beauty.

Hotel Rodavento
Hotel Rodavento

Address: Carretera Valle de Bravo KM 3.5, Los Saucos, 51200 Valle de Bravo, Estado de México, Mexico.
(55) 52 92 5032 (In México)
01(726) 25 141 82 al 85 (Outside México)